Susie Lee
NV - 3
Susie Lee
Years in Office:
  • 2021: Voted to kill 1.4 million American jobs during a pandemic.
  • 2021: Voted for partisan legislation that provides 95% of K-12 funding after 2021, further delaying schools from safely reopening for in-person learning.
  • 2021: Voted to send hundreds of billions of dollars to states that continue to ignore science and refuse to safely reopen schools.
  • 2021: Voted in favor of President Biden’s job-killing energy moratorium, killing thousands of American energy jobs.
  • 2021: Voted to give taxpayer-funded benefits like health care subsidies and tuition assistance to illegals immigrants.
  • 2021: Voted to send taxpayer dollars to dangerous sanctuary cities.
  • 2021: Voted for a partisan bill that places costly, unfunded mandates on police departments, making it more difficult for law enforcement officers to do their jobs.
  • 2021: Voted to deny police departments the funding they need to keep our communities safe.
  • 2021: Voted for a nearly $2 trillion progressive wish list under the guise of COVID relief.
  • 2021: Voted for a bill that gives billions to special interest groups but takes money out of the pocket of middle-class families and forces a $36 billion cut to Medicare.
  • 2021: Voted to allow 16-year-olds to vote in federal elections.
  • 2021: Voted to give themselves up to $7.2 million in public funds to pay for attack ads, luxury hotels, and first-class flights.
  • 2021: Voted to funnel $140 million into Speaker Pelosi’s subway tunnel project instead of funding mental health programs for students struggling without in-person learning.
  • 2021: Voted to give $1,400 stimulus checks to felons, including child abusers, rapists, and murderers like the Boston Bomber and Dylann Roof.
  • 2021: Voted to allow taxpayers to foot the bill for lawyers to foreign individuals seeking to enter the U.S.
  • 2021: Voted to allow illegal immigrants who have not tested negative for COVID to board U.S. domestic flights.
  • 2021: Voted to divert CBP personnel from field operations that stop the flow of drug and human trafficking.
  • 2021: Voted to consolidate Democrats’ power in Washington to ensure more government interference into Americans’ daily lives.
  • 2021: Voted to effectively guarantee Democrats gain two more Senate seats, which would allow them to push radical policies like the Green New Deal, eliminating the filibuster, pack the courts, and using public funds to pay for their campaigns.
  • 2021: Purchase Art with Tax Dollars